Monday, June 11, 2012

Four Square Night Mare - concrète segment

I have a musical tidbit I'd like to share with you. It's a segment taken from Track One of my album. The title of the track is 'Four Square Night Mare'. The piece includes, near the beginning, a self-contained 30-second passage in the tradition of musique concrète (which means something akin to "sound collage"). The idea is thus: take basically every significant musical project I've done in the last 12 years, and make a comically short, not unZappaesque audio soup out of it: a miasma of everything that has lead up to this current project. Nearly every musician I've ever closely worked with is in here (although few of them would likely recognize themselves). The sum total of all of my AUDIBLE OUTGASSINGS. It was intended to be more like 14 seconds, but I just couldn't cram all I wanted in there, so it ended up closer to 30.

So here are the full credits of the musicians heard in this clip, in approximate order of appearance:

Me (strings, piano, guitars, y'know), James Roberts (guitars and whatever else he does), Chris Renk (clarinet), John Jensen (piano), Jen Augello (clarinet), Kevin Judge (bassoon), Sam Stapleton (violin), Sam Gold (violin), Ursula Dial (cello), Chris Sande (percussion), Jake Gontero (vocals, piano, moog), Jamal River (moog), Michael Tabor (vocals), Danny Bissell (drums), Janani Sreenivasan (violin). Hope I didn't forget to include anyone in this project...

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Jamal River said...

Nice! I'd like to do more collage stuff like this. Initially reminds me of Renaldo & The Loaf.